PERFORMANCE > In Treatment (go through it)

The Graduate Art Therapy Department at SVA facilitated my personal and artistic expression regarding debt. Art was used to explore the impact that this burden has had on my well-being. Art therapy uses metaphors and symbols to deepen self-reflection.

Sessions were an hour long. Treatment included responsive sketches at home. The collaborative project culminated in the construction of a kite to address my concerns of sleep, letting go and finding solutions.

Part of "Crushing Debt" presented by MA Curatorial Department curated by Jovana Venegas. The exhibition highlighted a variety of practices, the exhibition seeks to better understand the financial and emotional impact of student debt, and to find ways to resist the financial mechanisms that bring about this vast and unsustainable level of education-related debt. Participating artists include members of the art activism group BFAMFAPhD (Julian Boilen, Susan Jahoda, Blair Murphy, Agnes Szanyi, Vicky Virgin and MFA Fine Arts faculty member Caroline Woolard), Gabriela Ceja, Dennis Delgado, Nicky Enright, and Fran Ilich.

In Treatment (go through it)
charcoal, pastel, graphite, and crayon on paper
9" x 12"