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Untitled (and it flips around)
single channel video
6 mins 24 sec

Untitled (and it flips around)

A result of my residency at EL Museo del Barrio, part of "Back in Five Minutes" a project of Nicolas Dumit Estevez. My residency culminated in an installation titled "Alicia in 3 Parts". It consisted of photography and video on ideas regarding identity, race, and current events.

During my residency at El Museo del Barrio, I asked visitors to the gallery to read an NYT op ed by ex-financier Sam Polk "For the Love of Money". As in many of my re-enactments I isolate current events in order to evince the space art provides to make clear just how connected we are to everything that occurs around us no matter how distant or seemingly unrelated. How can we resolve Jacques Rancière's notion of a conditional reality where, “Politics and art are not two separate and permanent realities about which one should ask whether they have to be connected or not.”