PERFORMANCE > From Market to...

Photographs documenting durational 8 hour performance at Cuchifritos Gallery in collaboration with Antonia Perez
Archival digital prints, 2019, 19” x 27”

Cocoon, Crocheted around Alicia Grullon during the performance by Antonia Perez
Crocheted plastic bags, dimensions variable

I collaborated with artist Antonia Perez on this project at Cuchifritos Gallery and Project Space in the old Essex Street Market, focusing on displacement and gentrification as an erasure of culture and people, tied to settler-colonial practices. Wearing clothing similar to the older resident women who frequented the market, accompanied by a shopping cart of produce, I read a 40-page document of information (also on view in the gallery) about the Lower East Side from the Lenni-Lenape to the current development of the $1.7 billion Essex Crossing condo complex. Perez crocheted me with plastic shopping bags until I was no longer fully visible/seen.