PERFORMANCE > The Rule is Love #4 (with gaze and no object), 2018

The Rule is Love #4 (With gaze and no object), 2018
2 hour durational performance

“The Rule is Love #4 (with the gaze and no object), 2018 was a part of Radical Women: Latin America at The Brooklyn Museum. Unable to see or speak, I was bound by rope while two performers wearing bear masks pulled me down to the floor. My rule was to keep getting up. The audience’s rule was to dance with me in order to prevent the bears from pulling me down.

Performance Documentation
Single channel video of cell phone recording

This is the opening shot of the performance taken by the performer who played the Ringleader. His role was to lead me out to the performance space, uncloaked me, and coax people to dance with me. Layered into the performance were aspects of the historical formation of the gaze within museums where people of color were treated like carnival side shows on display. The impact of the gaze begins here.