This performance was more of an intervention, heightening daily activities that took place in the market where I was an artist in residence in Anyang, South Korea. In the market every other day or so, a truck with local goods came around emitting recorded announcements from a loud speaker. In Seoksu Market, the trucks circled us drawing a line as if to set up an imaginary stage or ring. With the aide of a teaching amplifier (mini amplifier), I followed the same route of the trucks and made the following announcement in English providing a translation for people: “The market place, fairground, the circus- gathering places for a large general public- have traditionally been the favored sites of performance.” Unfolding before me, were the performances created by passersby, shop keepers, local residents, and customers in their daily pursuit of function. This subtle action scrutinized the daily grind. Every person was a character in the market's stage each with a new script for the day.